"As vezes, em determinadas épocas do ano, eu me sinto perdida e isolada. Aquela do grupo que se for embora não fará falta. Um tanto faz na vida das pessoas. Sinto frequentemente aquele sentimento de “não me encaixo aqui."
Palavrismo.    (via lisos-abracos)

"Eu sempre vou olhar pro que tenho e pensar no que perdi ou não pude ter."
Otávio L. Azevedo  (via lisos-abracos)

"Emma and I have known each other forever and have so many people and places in common that we are permanently connected. This kind of history means you know one another’s strengths and weaknesses, and usually have developed a rhythm over time." - x


harry potter + popular text posts (part two)

(part one)

First of all, I wanted to thank you. Before I started watching the show, I was really in the closet and I was totally ashamed of who I was. I hated myself. I started watching the show and seeing Cosima and seeing that everything is not about her sexuality and that she is more than her sexuality. My parents weren’t okay with me being gay. I started watching the show with my mum and its helped us start to rebuild our relationship because she sees Cosima and she sees that it’s okay and that people are more than their sexuality. I wanted to thank you for that. And my question is, what’s it like to have that effect on peoples lives? And to know that you are saving people’ lives like you did for me?